Holding Tanks

A holding tank is a tank that collects all wastewater from a residence or business. Technically, not a septic system because there is no treatment of the wastewater. The tank fills up with wastewater and an alarm is triggered when it is full. The owner calls a pumper and he pumps out the tank. Holding tanks come in any number of sizes. Anywhere from 2000 gallons all the way up to 13,000 gallons. They are made of concrete, steel, and plastic.


  1. Inexpensive to install
  2. Requires the least amount of room
  3. Little or no maintenance


  1. County and state agencies prefer soil absorption septic systems
  2. Requires periodic pumping
  3. May leak ground water into tank.
  4. Tank must be within 25′ of service pad, unless ISD is used.

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